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This is a Gift, it comes with a Price
Who is the Lamb and Who is the Knife
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16th-Jun-2013 10:23 pm(no subject)
remember that time i actually used my livejournal
6th-May-2012 02:16 am(no subject)
Jungle Land Bruce Springsteen
The Rangers had a homecoming
In Harlem late last night
And the Magic Rat drove his sleek machine
Over the Jersey state line
Barefoot girl sitting on the hood of a Dodge
Drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain
The Rat pulls into town rolls up his pants
Together they take a stab at romance
And disappear down Flamingo Lane

Well the Maximum Lawmen run down Flamingo
Chasing the Rat and the barefoot girl
And the kids out there live just like shadows
Always quiet, holding hands
From the churches to the jails
Tonight all is silence in the world
As we take our stand
Down in Jungleland

Well the midnight gang's assembled
And picked a rendezvous for the night
They'll meet 'neath that giant Exxon sign
That brings this fair city light
Man there's an opera out on the Turnpike
There's a ballet being fought out in the alley
Until the local cops
Cherry Tops
Rips this holy night
The street's alive
As secret debts are paid
Contacts made, they vanish unseen
Kids flash guitars just like switch-blades
Hustling for the record machine
The hungry and the hunted
Explode into rock 'n' roll bands
That face off against each other out in the street
Down in Jungleland

In the parking lot the visionaries
Dress in the latest rage
Inside the backstreet girls are dancing
To the records that the DJ plays
Lonely-hearted lovers
Struggle in dark corners
Desperate as the night moves on
Just one look
And a whisper, and they're gone

Beneath the city two hearts beat
Soul engines running through a night so tender
In a bedroom locked
In whispers of soft refusal
And then surrender
In the tunnels uptown
The Rat's own dream guns him down
As shots echo down them hallways in the night
No one watches when the ambulence pulls away
Or as the girl shuts out the bedroom light

Outside the street's on fire
In a real death waltz
Bewtween what's flesh and what's fantasy
And the poets down here
Don't write nothing at all
They just stand back and let it all be
And in the quick of the night
They reach for their moment
And try to make an honest stand
But they wind up wounded
Not even dead
Tonight in Jungleland
in the mean time, have a picture of my dinner tonight
18th-Dec-2011 02:19 pm - NOVEMBER
anyway, we're moving on and ignoring my lack of ability to do anything ever.
THIS MONTH Collapse )
15th-Aug-2011 05:33 pm - movies coming soon that i want to see
A Dangerous Method (because, um, have you watched the trailer?? :D)
Fright Night (mainly for DAVID TENNANT)
The Adventures of Tintin
(because Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
12th-Jul-2011 12:56 am - pity post is full of pity
Go on date with guy I've liked for a while.
Guy tells me he likes me but "To be honest, I want to be single just for right now. Got to be comfortable with just me.".
Read Erik/Charles fanfic all night.

29th-Jun-2011 03:03 am - rambly post is rambly
Not having my livejournal up to date on my life makes me feel incredibly guilty. (To wax poetic, I feel like I'm missing an appendage, I can't use it because it's not updated)
SO, in order to get my life back in control, I offer a post that's just got a lot of babbling to it, and then hopefully I shall go on to update this dang thing.
1. So, I just finished reading Dune. (IF YOU’VE NEVER READ IT, GO READ IT NOW.) As I’m trolling through the internet, low and behold, I find that JAMES MCAVOY was in the Sci Fi Children of Dune (which is the 3rd book in Frank Herbert’s series). Cue me fangirling my brains out. I need to go read Dune Messiah and Children of Dune. Then watch the Sci Fi stuff :D

2. Tumblr has definitely eaten a huge chunk of my brain. As has X Men First Class fandom. Mainly the Charles/Erik.

I have a list of To Do's a mile long
(get paintings and art from attic
find Dune Messiah, hopefully also in attic
get paperwork done for WDW
clean room, clean rest of house at mom's command
send rest of post cards to people
finish thank you note to a friend
update livejournal)

ALSO, it's starting to thunder and lightning outside.
18th-May-2011 07:59 pm - HOME FOR THE SUMMER TO DO LIST:
1. Save Money - well, i have more than i did at the beginning of the summer....
2. Make a dress - fail. theres still a few days, so maybe?
3. Clean and organize my room - also fail.
4. update journal - also also fail. though i'm trying now! so there is hope!
5. Get in better shape - well, i didn't get in worse shape...

conclusion: HERPADERP.
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